Positive, positive πŸ’ͺ🏻✌🏻

Today is a finer day (despite after a long weekend)! ✌🏻Just a little difficult to wake her up – but fooled around with her for 10-15 min then everything turns normal. She wanted papa to bath her and she even splashed water on him. Then she had breakfast, a raisin bun while playing with her time table! She was all fine until towards the end when she waited abit too long for papa today. Papa sent her off with everything looking good!

When we picked her up today, before I could ask her how was her day, she started asking me ‘mama what did you do today?’ πŸ˜‡ heart melted liao – then I described whatever I did including those things specially related to her such as making mango ice cream and tidying her toys!

I took advantage of the sample yogurts that we received today. I brought one pouch (in the cooler bag) along and put it on her booster seat in the car. I told her she was ‘rewarded’ for not crying when waking up; but I added that it could be better if she wakes up without hassle – hinting that she can further improve by sleeping early! She was indeed surprised and feel very happy.

So as we drove home, she became quite chatty too! She ate rice that tastes like ‘rice’ 🀣 She described to me again that they put their hands at the back when food is served – and everyone has to say out ‘teacher eat. Everyone eat’! πŸ˜‚Then she told me there were seven of them in class. She said that she played the piano, painted fish and played ‘make a string phone’ (she described to me – cups and string to talk to one another). I asked if she started writing – and said she did write today! (Anyway, the principal told me that she is catching up!)

All in all, today is a good school day. Hope this signifies a better start to future school days!

Mama feels more at peace, today!

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