Happy 6th wedding anniversary

Today marks our 6th wedding anniversary! We didn’t have any fanciful celebration but we went through errands (together with our three girls, of course) as any other weekends! In fact, we have more to do today compared to usual weeks! Tired is the word to describe BUT we are contented. I guess we are both more tired than six years ago when we went through the Chinese wedding ceremony and dinner!

Though I wish, our marriage is no fairy tale. We have undergone many ups and downs (which include the kids’ tantrum) especially this year – we stick through thick and thin; we support one another and that’s where we become great ‘partners’!

We ended today with a ‘bear’ theme dinner – which of course the two elder girls enjoyed the most!

We don’t usually do dinner outside! So, we do enjoy and appreciate every moment when we eat out! <video>

This cafe is perfect for kids! In fact, we didn’t to bother about the noise the girls made because the place is packed with kids sound! So, we were just ‘cool’ having dinner with most liked minded parents who just need a break to eat out (without being judged for having noisy kids🤣)! I let ‘go’ a little and the kids dine outside completely! They get to choose a cake for their dessert too! It’s their anniversary; not ours! 🙄

Happy 6th wedding anniversary to my beloved hubby and bb! 😊😘

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