Independent and happier mealtimes

One is 23mo and the other is 4y11m yesterday! Yes, one more month to their big DAY! It is really just like a blink of eye – especially Nikki!

I am pretty happy that generally they behave quite well during mealtimes when I am alone with them! Usually, like today, I will just cook and leave it on the dining table – and they will settle themselves – while I handle Norrah, if she is awake and clingy (like today)! Most of the times (like today) I will be away on the sofa and get some rest while they eat. Sometimes they want me to sit with them.

There might be ‘food wastage’ but I still allow them to make their call to say ‘enough’ – usually they will eat a reasonable among. There might be mess (especially Nikki) but I often just close one eye! I don’t want to stress over mealtimes – my duty is just to ensure healthy home cooked meals are prepared! I even told my hubby to count whole week calories instead of per meal basis! Life much happier now during mealtimes!

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