Thank you for loving my kids

The ‘season’ is here. There are few books warehouse sales around. The gifting season is upon us (I have so many people on mind😫)! But one thing – I have to “clench on is my purchasing power”. Sadly, this is one of the saddest part of being a stay at home mum (sahm) – though my hubby never restrict me from buying anything – well, he gives me a credit card and there’s free-to-use cash at home but I always do have this enormous guilt of spending 😕- as we are a single income family! (And we never bet on lotteries! 😝plus not on any financial cord.) If ever I spend more on something, there, of course, is something else that we need to forego. We are living on a piecemeal basis and I can’t afford to have my hubby being away always on weekends to work.

Since my postings about my girls – that was way back in 2013, I made a lot of friends. And some become so close that my girls treat them as real aunties! I am really not sure what’s the power of attraction but my girls especially Noelle has received many gifts from various mummies (aunties/ grand aunties). She always comes to people’s mind, I think. Well, although I am so grateful of the gifts she received (looking at their excitement when opening gifts), it has also become a ‘guilt’ part of me – as I could not return the same value (in terms of monetary) to them. From grateful to guilt, at times, I feel ‘shameful’ to receive or even to meet people!

But as I was relating this to a friend yesterday, she told me – ‘people are giving because they LOVE your kids; and not expecting you to give in return (if so, they won’t be giving)!’

Well…OK. So, I have to accept ‘receiving’ with an open heart – I remember saying this one or two years ago! And now brace through this kind of feeling!

Thank you for loving my kids.


I used to record thankful messages but it then make me feels that I am ‘luring’ people to gifting – so, I have actually toned down!

But hey, if possible, don’t make me feel guilty anymore, don’t send my children presents! 😊😊

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