A loving father to the kids

Life is ‘lonely’ after having three kids, seriously. Time is running so fast each day! But what makes up for it – seeing my kids enjoying themselves when their papa Chee Wai is around or their day day question ‘papa are you going to work today? Short, long or medium?’ (Meaning how long)

Though I nag a lot on him (I know – but it serves as reminder), hubby has been very involved in our little family – the bond he has with the kids is indescribable – while he does 😤 on them sometimes, his heart is always as soft as tofu to them! 🙄🙄 e.g. ‘You do again I slap you ah?’ Repeat 10x, but only ‘slap’ when he is extremely sleepy…..🤣

I enjoy seeing moments like – him bringing them to fit dresses/ swim wears while I am baby wearing the youngest, him putting them to sleep instead of me, him searching for the online cheap diapers for the kids, him preparing the fruit snacks now daily in the morning etc. Keep up the good job (what is mentioned here – please continue doing 😝)

Great article here for men who want to embark on a fatherhood journey: <click>

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