First play date at home since No3

Noelle has been expecting someone to come over to play with her for some months/weeks. In fact, at times, she even asked our neighbour Jessica to come over – which she didn’t make it!

Not that she is lonely, but I believe she wanted someone who could comprehend her at her own level and more than what her Mei Mei could (at least understand her instructions/ way of playing). That’s where there’s a saying that ‘friends are important too despite having siblings!’

And yes, she got her ‘wish’ granted today when EZ popped by! It was pre-arranged, of course, with one of mama’s closest friends (who of course my kids are also fond of and have no or not much stranger anxiety)! Also, I believe I could handle (and asked her for help if I needed) even with three!

We didn’t really plan anything as we have the usual schedule of swimming and free play. The most we planned is the food – and always the simplest – noodle soup!

I observe that as they grow, both have their own play demands. While both can understand/comprehend each other, they have their own ways of playing. The best similarity is ‘wanting to win’ over each other in games (there are growing competition)! But there were moments there could play with one another, of course – the best would have been the popcorn play!

This is our first playdate at home after Norrah and probably the last for the year 2017 – since we have so much going on in the month ahead (plus mama has butterfly in the stomach kinda feel šŸ˜«šŸ˜¢šŸ˜‘ā˜¹ļøšŸ˜•šŸ™„šŸ˜“)!Also, it is really not easy to handle three during the play date – this time was ‘easy’ as Norrah has no stranger anxiety and our play date mum can carry her when I work around! Coupled with Nikki’s crankiness and clingyness, it has been a handful moment – so I have taken the least photos of them!

It definitely won’t be THE last play date at home; need to improvise and plan things!

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