3rd month check up at Klinik Kesihatan

Our ‘we time’ today at the clinics for monthly check up and jabs!

We arrived quite early today before 7am and people already queuing. The elderlies were more organized on the queue compared to the mummies and child queue!🙄 I have forgotten the zone queue – took two numbers then check back my old number; luckily I kept the photo in my blog! So, we are on the 7 series; and we got number 5!

I would say today was kind of fast – our time in Klinik Kesihatan ends at 9am for us! There were a lot trainee nurses today too! I went to tapau lunch for hubby (on half day off to look after the other two) and myself! Then I went home to go to loo and pass him the food.

Since still early, I brought Norrah again to our private paed for rota virus oral administration and pneumococcal jab. Noelle didn’t want to follow; so I went alone with Norrah! Everything ends around 11am – came home to cook cheese spaghetti for the girls (I have pressure cooked watercress chicken soup in the morning)!

Norrah is so ‘busy body’ now – looking around, laughing and smiling to people; which also means I have to ‘entertain’ her (and people🙄)! So, she is pretty tired now. Hope she will take a long nap so I can settle my stuff!

Norrah @ 3m3d, 5.7kg

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