Fixing Tesco breadmaker

My tesco breadmaker actually broke down two weeks ago! And I found out the common issue is the broken belt. I got a contact from a friend who had her breadmaker part recently replaced! This contact is useful and has to be kept here!

We called before we went to the shop in Puchong. They are only open on weekdays (physical shop) or you can get it courier to you! The spare part (belt) which I needed cost RM24.70. Customer actually has to fix it themselves (here’s a step by step diy link). But with a fee of RM10, they can actually help us fix it. So we did bring our breadmaker along; left it there and went to have lunch. We contacted them again after our lunch and it was ready to be collected!

So now my breadmaker is back in action. Fortunately, it was just a minor ‘injury’ that cost RM34.70.

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