Reminiscing younger days with firstborn

I am glad that we did many, many things in kitchen when she was younger. As she grows up, I notice that she has less interest in ‘cooking’ but more to helping. I will definitely not force her to cook if she doesn’t like it but I still wish that she can do something in kitchen – which is vital as she grows. In fact, she has developed some fear in ‘fire’! Nevertheless, I am still grateful that she helps when I asked to! Sometimes like today, she still volunteers herself. <video>

As time ticks, my heart is ‘heavy’ actually – as she will be stepping into her next phase of life! But I think ‘homeschooling’ doesn’t stop there! There is so much more to learn in LIFE, which I wish to pass on to her!

Putting a brave front 

Weather hot, I feel like I am about to be ‘down’ because of the weather, kefir grains is getting weak, kids want to drink coconut water – ok, ‘let’s go get coconut water’! They are excited too as they get to ‘go out’. (cranky Nikki makes me want to go out too)

So off we went to the coconut stall that we usually go to. Disappointedly it did not open. Remembering one of my mummy friends saying that there is one along the road to Evolve Mall, I tried luck and there it is – a coconut hut (stopping there is definitely not easy but they have a reserve spot for a customer at a time).

I usually don’t get down from the car with the usual stall. But since this is the first time, I went down and walked towards the stall – to be greeted by two ferocious dogs! 😱😱 The stall owner immediately shooed them off!
My immediate response was to walk/run away. Then I realized one was tied and another was ‘free’! 😨😨😨When I was near to my car, the dog and I were basically face-to-face! I was ‘oh shit!’ My leg immediately kicked slightly up (reflex😂)! I guess the dog saw my leg moved up and made a u-turn! 🙄🙄🙄Phew….that was really close! I then quickly went into the car and acted nothing happened (well, they – Noelle and Nikki – actually watched the whole scene from the car)! I winded down the window to order the coconut I want. 
Right after the man left to prepare my orders, I was still calming myself. Putting a heroic front, I opened a conversation with Noelle 😂😂 asking her what did she see. She saw nothing embarrassing of mama! 😝 (If those days I would probably scream or cry!)
Sometimes I do feel my life is more drama than TVB drama! 🙄🙄

To my hubby, the father of 3Ns

This reminds me of the love “notes” (written by me) found the other day (and we laughed at it so loudly while I wanted to hid my head for writing it – and question myself why i wrote it😂)!
Mutual time spent is obviously less (you are given privilege to hug one or two other ‘girls’ to sleep); but we are working towards the same goal – a happy and fulfilled family! 
I am still in love with you Chee Wai ! (Ok geli!😛)


This is not a rant but mere stating of facts! 
(In case of some “sensitive” reporters)
My girls have chicken pox last week. 
Once my mum got to know about neem leaves for chicken pox and her neighbour has the tree, she who doesnt know how to drive – straight uber to my house to send us the leaves. Then on the weekend, my hubby drove down to her house to get more neem leaves. Besides neem leaves, she cooked few dishes for us for next few days consumption.
On the other hand, the other side only “care” to find out what’s happening. Seriously, I feel it is more ‘care’ to kaypoh. And in the midst of our daily stress life, one of them even has the cheek to send in bills for my hubby to assist in paying (as in hubby help them with online transaction). 
Note that I don’t have a perfect/good relationship with my mum – yet she still can do as much as possible to help. And my hubby even acknowledge (plus feel paiseh at times) how much my mum do for us in moments of help. Compared to….(ok, no good to compare)
I have three girls! Phew…i dont have to deal with mil/dil relationship 😅 (except maybe hearing my girls’ future rants). As much as i want them to be independent when they grow up, I too want to know that I would be by their sides when help is needed! 
Sekian terima kasih!

Noelle’s first ear drum infection

Crazy Monday morning to begin the week with 

I was expecting a crazy chicken poxy day but Noelle woke up with ‘ear pain’. I thought it was her usual ear wax removing thing and also as per advice from ear specialist to drop few drips of olive oil -it didn’t get any better. She was crying the whole morning. Following mama instinct, I think I should bring her to the paed if the pain doesn’t go off. I even tried ice pack as suggested by a Michelle Tai. It works initially but then the pain came back. 

I asked Noelle if she wants to see the dr. Yes was the answer but I got to get ready Norrah – nurse and bath (while Noelle was crying along the way). After I was done with Norrah, Nikki cried and said she wanted to poo! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ so, I have to ask Noelle to wait (crying continues). It took about 20 minutes to settle Nikki by which Noelle fell asleep – so thought of letting her sleep until she wakes and the pain might go off! Not even 5 minutes, she woke and screamed ‘I want to go to hospital!’

I have to admit I was a little skeptical of her. After several assurance by her (I questioned her), I decided to go! And hubby hasn’t place the new car seat into the myvi which he has just brought to wash and vacuum yesterday! 🤦🏻‍♀️ But I decided to go, asking Noelle to sit still (which she did). So we went to the paed (luckily not too far from our place).

Fortunately we went. She has ear drum infection (though no sore throat). Dr showed me the reddish ear drum which supposed to be white. The dr says her immune is down due to chicken pox and hence infection comes easily. She has to be on antibiotics for 4 days (this is her first antibiotic after more than 3 years!) 
I nursed Norrah before we left the clinic. We got home and fortunately my mum tapau for us her homecooked soup and fish yesterday – so we just ate them with mee suah (I haven’t have time to do anything this morning)! Noelle fed herself the medicine (macam so desperate eat medicine only 🙄)! 
Nikki slept while I was tandem nursing. So she just slept on the sofa and I waited for Norrah to sleep before putting her into the cot. Noelle saw Nikki sleeping on the sofa and put her blanket on Nikki (while I was having lunch). Noelle was feeling better with the ibuprofen which serves as ‘pain killer’ and started to request that I cut pear for her to eat. Thereafter she napped! 

What a morning! 
I didn’t bother to inform hubby when everything was happening as he did told me he was in the midst of conducting training. I think I handled everything calmly. I only informed him after seeing the paed! 
This morning Nicole Lee was asking about my girls condition when everything was happening- so she was aware of the happenings and even offered to come over during her lunch time to send us to the paed (thank you, I am very touched)! But it was like an immediate ‘do or die’ because of Noelle’s wailing 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ macam I abuse her! 
Before we set off, I reminded them not to run about but follow carefully! Noelle even held Nikki’s hand. Putting three in the car – put Norrah into carrier without belt first. Then Nikki to her car seat (before she walks/runs away) with her belt (while asking Noelle to stand next to me). Next put Noelle to her seat and belt her. Finally belt Norrah before starting the car! 🙄
When I entered the paed’s room (fortunately no long wait), he immediately coined me ‘super woman’ 😂😂😂 for bringing all three alone!

Nikki’s day 7 and Noelle’s day 3 chicken pox

Nikki’s chickenpox is starting to dry up; the first one which we spotted actually peeled off midday! 

Neem leaves water really works miraculously! Yesterday before sleep, I wiped Noelle’s affected area with it and apply the cream. Compared to the previous nights, she actually slept through without crying/wailing (but then woke with an ear infection🙄). Hers appear very reddish today. I didn’t spot any new ones! Anyway, she is back to her usual self after her nap! 
Actually this was told by the paed during our first visit for Nikki’s chicken pox – it didn’t make sense at first until a friend related the same incident; plus the paed again repeated the same thing today – so sharing here: apparently newborn has their own immunity plus the immunity from their mummies (who already had chicken pox before) and thus more likely to be immune from chicken pox! So far no reaction from Norrah (cross fingers) and we will see how it goes! Anyway, she has a little cough ‘spread around’ by papa and Noelle! 😒

Nikki’s day 6 and Noelle’s day 2 chicken pox 

Nikki is more or less back to herself- the most active and talkative one! Only occasionally telling us that it is ‘ciiii’ (itchy); still wailing when we want to apply cream.

Noelle is back to her big baby mode! 🤦🏻‍♀️ She didn’t really sleep well last night and woke up close to 6 am (the more she needs to rest, the more active she is) – whining and crying ‘pain’! 😔 A lot of her pox turns blister – still focus on her eczema area. None on her back or body but I spotted few on her butt! Towards evening, she says they are itchy! She is also in between battling cough too. Hence, she is on her very cranky and clingy mode. 

She took everything I made for her from steam onion juice, orange juice, watermelon to blueberries! Finally she took the longest nap in this week – about 3 hours!

Bite sized steamed honey chocolate cupcakes

Something to cheer the unwell girl(s)
Dry ingredients: half cup cake flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp cocoa powder, handful of chocolate chips

Wet ingredients: one egg, two tbsp honey, two tbsp milk, one tbsp (sunflower) oil

Mix dry and wet ingredients individually. Then mix wet into dry ingredients. Don’t over mix !

Under high heat, steam for 10 minutes.

No.1 gets chicken pox 

Nikki’s Day 5 and Noelle gets her chicken ‘pork’ 🤦🏻‍♀️(day 1)
I guess Nikki is recovering and thus Noelle gets it now! 🙄 and most likely, the virus gets through the flu/cough and then fever. It starts with the pink dotes (which looks like bed bugs bites). 

For Noelle, mostly spotted at her eczema spots – toes and feet🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ ( we suspected it yesterday night)! She turns a big baby now🙄🙄- cranky 😪 I decide not to put her on anti viral medication as she is willing to take whatever I do for her (as she trust it help soothes herself)!

Day 4 – Nikki’s chicken pox

No new pox. But she is in ‘pain’ – doesn’t want us to apply cream/bedak sejuk on the areas (crying when we do so). Neem leaves bath continues. Appetite improving – still rejects breakfast but she has her mid morning snacks – honeydew, blueberries (just like Jeh Jeh)!

Nikki’s 3rd day chicken pox –

 after 4 times neem leaves bath; and some wiping with neem leaves water during diaper change
We still continue her with anti viral medication – since it isn’t easy for us to make her eat anything that can improve/contain her situation 
Don’t see any new pox; most pox concentrated at her feet, leg, palm and hand still. There are few tiny ones on her face. The pox are turning reddish. Hasn’t spotted any on her back body. In fact, the one on her front body not there anymore! 🤔
She is active as usual!

Neem leaves for chicken pox

Thanks to my super savior mum who brought a black garbage bag of neem leaves from her neighbourhood Klang to us this morning! And many thanks to those who suggested it and following Dhurga Devi’s suggestion – I boiled the leaves, cool it abit and added some turmeric powder before bathing/ soaking Nikki in it! Hopefully it works – so far I have not spotted her scratching (or maybe not yet🤔).

Nikki is fine today – the usual clingy and cranky – mostly during her sleepy hours. She has been very active – talking a lot, disturbing Jeh Jeh plus mui mui (when I told her not to get too near) 🤦🏻‍♀️ and messing around as usual! 

Yesterday she nursed like a newborn – every 1-2 hours- me and hubby have been switching bed so often between Norrah and Nikki (Noelle was on Norrah’s bed) – I don’t know if we actually sleep! Hope we will have a better night today!