Baked donuts

Noelle has been ‘requesting’ for donuts! Not that she tasted before, but because she is watching a cartoon that teaches how to make donuts! 🙄
So their sweet treats today! 
Recipe adapted from I cut ingredients to 1/3 of the proposed ones. Luckily I did as we have 9 donuts from the amount cut. I kneaded the dough with the breadmaker (basically prepared everything before they woke up), enough time for the dough to rest – after breakfast and bath! 

So we did the shaping with the donut mold which I bought 2-3 years ago from Aeon. <video>

Let the shaped doughs rise before baking! 

Certainly like it baked rather than deep fry. 

It was slightly over baked (by the golden brown colour) as I was in the midst of handling crying baby and preparing lunch for them while the donuts were baking. I need to make sure the donuts are just ready right after they eat lunch – lure them to eat lunch faster! 

The topping is just icing sugar! 


It came up fluffy and soft !

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