MPH book sales at Empire City

We anticipated a small crowd or none there, so decided to drop by after lunch (Noelle skipped her music class again this week)! And basically, there were just few people at the book fair! 

We would say the books there weren’t exactly ‘good’ (for adults, in terms of quality reads) but there are fair bit of quality Disney and Hasbro books. 

Noelle took part in two of the activities – building clay art with Faber tac it (similar to the one at MPH sales in Setia Convention months ago) and puzzle competition. 

There were 5 contestants! And we were LAST! 🤣🤣 Thankfully they still give out prizes to all participants or else we would have a whining girl!🙄🙄

I think we are building a ‘family tradition’ of frequenting book fairs/ warehouse sales! And the girls know what are expected out of them (behavior wise) when they are there!

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