This is not a rant but mere stating of facts! 
(In case of some “sensitive” reporters)
My girls have chicken pox last week. 
Once my mum got to know about neem leaves for chicken pox and her neighbour has the tree, she who doesnt know how to drive – straight uber to my house to send us the leaves. Then on the weekend, my hubby drove down to her house to get more neem leaves. Besides neem leaves, she cooked few dishes for us for next few days consumption.
On the other hand, the other side only “care” to find out what’s happening. Seriously, I feel it is more ‘care’ to kaypoh. And in the midst of our daily stress life, one of them even has the cheek to send in bills for my hubby to assist in paying (as in hubby help them with online transaction). 
Note that I don’t have a perfect/good relationship with my mum – yet she still can do as much as possible to help. And my hubby even acknowledge (plus feel paiseh at times) how much my mum do for us in moments of help. Compared to….(ok, no good to compare)
I have three girls! Phew…i dont have to deal with mil/dil relationship 😅 (except maybe hearing my girls’ future rants). As much as i want them to be independent when they grow up, I too want to know that I would be by their sides when help is needed! 
Sekian terima kasih!

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