Neem leaves for chicken pox

Thanks to my super savior mum who brought a black garbage bag of neem leaves from her neighbourhood Klang to us this morning! And many thanks to those who suggested it and following Dhurga Devi’s suggestion – I boiled the leaves, cool it abit and added some turmeric powder before bathing/ soaking Nikki in it! Hopefully it works – so far I have not spotted her scratching (or maybe not yet🤔).

Nikki is fine today – the usual clingy and cranky – mostly during her sleepy hours. She has been very active – talking a lot, disturbing Jeh Jeh plus mui mui (when I told her not to get too near) 🤦🏻‍♀️ and messing around as usual! 

Yesterday she nursed like a newborn – every 1-2 hours- me and hubby have been switching bed so often between Norrah and Nikki (Noelle was on Norrah’s bed) – I don’t know if we actually sleep! Hope we will have a better night today!

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