Star traveller as parents of 3

Today we were ‘star’ ⭐️ traveller – we went 4 different destinations from 10am+ to 3pm+ It is an ‘achievement’ for us with a kid, toddler and infant! 😝

Our first stop is My Dear warehouse at Puchong to get another car seat for Noelle (logistic wise we will need another for my car when she starts school – as hubby will be sending her to school before work and I will be fetching her back home)! That also mean I need to start driving around with three of them. The car seat with the back removable when she grows bigger. After discount, it cost RM190.

Then we went to USJ21 for hubby to settle his stuff. We ate our lunch there too. And for the first time eating at a food court that comes with hawker stalls. Fortunately not many people there – Noelle was ok, sitting down to eat her lunch but Nikki was the difficult one – who didn’t want to sit still. I nursed Norrah in the car while waiting for hubby; so she slept during lunch (I was carrying her on one hand and eating on the other). 

Next we went to Pureen warehouse at PJ. We got them some clothes and fabric detergents. 

Before we went into the warehouse, the two girls had ice cream (‘bribery’) while Norrah was nursed. Norrah slept during my search for clothes (I babywear her) and hubby entertained the two. 

Finally we went to Tropicana Mall to get some things from the supermarket. 
We managed to arrive home before their naptime (though Nikki did nap a little after lunch).

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