Fried hoi sin sauce pork

Blanched pork marinated in Angel Brand hoi sin sauce, egg, five spiced powder, Angel Brand thick soy sauce, corn flour and rice flour (no exact measurement) – marinated it overnight. Then shallow fry the marinated pork!

Some thoughts: 
I still prefer giving my girls seasoning free food. But with my elder girl growing older, I do slowly introduce her to seasonings. In this one year, I started to learn more about Angel Brands products – and I have much assurance that most of its products (if not all) have no added MSG, preservative and artificial colouring.

Yah, I have been frying pork quite often because Noelle likes it that way! At least, I don’t have to pester/nag her to eat meat!


Fuzzy melon with minced pork

Fried curry and turmeric powder fish

Old cucumber chicken soup 

Fried hoi sin sauce pork 

Stir fry spinach 

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