Black beans for milk booster drink 

One thing I learn before delivery this time round is how to toast and store black beans! And this lesson only happened after two jars of toasted black beans – one stored in fridge (in two weeks) and another at room temperature (less than one week)- had growing fungus! I decided to ask the herb shopkeeper for advice! 

I realised the mistake I made! I shouldn’t have soaked the beans. What I needed to do is to just wipe the beans with a clean damp cloth! Then toast it over the pan until well done (took me about 15 minutes) or you can smell the good fragrant from the beans! Let the toasted beans rest in open air and room temperature overnight. Then store into a glass sealed container and keeping it under room temperature! 

Meals today:

Our lunch: Hokkien mee

Kids’ lunch: Udon soup
Everyone’s dinner:

Stew lemon grass chicken 

Stir fry broccoli, cauliflower and tofu

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