Advantage Quest Publication warehouse sale! 

Coincidentally a friend (Rachel Ong) shared the warehouse sale post yesterday on facebook. Hubby and I are sort of ‘fans’ to this publication house – not just because they have affordable range of books but also good range of books’ topics plus interesting authors. The motivation books sold at the warehouse were not more than RM10 per book. There were some range of Disney books and children activities books that were as low as RM5. There were many designed note books sold! 

There wasn’t any crowd when we were there after lunch and before their naptime. It was located at their factory which is not too far from our place.

Meals today!

My breakfast: Oats with extra virgin coconut oil and molasses sugar + fruits
Our lunch:

Loh hon chai 

Fried red beancurd pork 

Chinese cabbage and pumpkin chicken soup 
Our dinner:

Loh hon chai

Stew chicken with carrot and potato

Long beans omelette 

Chinese cabbage and pumpkin chicken soup

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