Confinement meal 10

Today I didn’t follow the pre-planned menu! It is also because I am cooking lunch for hubby! And tomorrow is THE final menu – I will follow partly, I guess! 

My breakfast: fruity overnight oats 
Our lunch:

Stir fry cucumber with mushroom 

Stir fry leek with lap Cheong and dark sauce 

Steamed threadfin 

Radish chicken soup 

Kids had macaroni with radish chicken soup topped with steamed threadfin 
Our dinner:

Chicken nuggetto for the kids 

Sweet and sour chicken (first time using instant Brahim sweet honey sauce – but I think I can make a better sauce than this premix sauce – tasted a little artificial)

Stir fry bok choy with garlic

Nothing much today except we went to Heromart to get veggies. Norrah and Nikki stayed in car with hubby while I and Noelle did the quick grocery shopping. Then during naptime, I ‘requested’ hubby to ‘go out’ 😝 so that we all can nap without interruption – so he went out to settle his stuff. 
Anyway, today marks his official last day of paternity leave! We have him for the next four off days before the long days (for me) begin again (reminder to self: days are long, years are short!)

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