A trip to the bank

Today we get some ‘fresh air’ out there – we went to the bank to open savings and sspn accounts for Norrah (just like we did for Noelle and Nikki in their early days)! 
We waited quite some time in the bank for the account opening. The bank officer was rather ‘slow’ until Norrah fussed – once Norrah was heard crying in the bank, everything was sped up – the officer looked panicky! πŸ™„πŸ€£ (should have used that ‘speed’ earlier)! 
Today I managed to nurse Norrah in the carrier despite her petite size! 

Nikki behaved better than Noelle in the bank! πŸ™„

Nothing much today after coming back from the bank. Hubby went back to work in the second half of the day! πŸ™„πŸ™„The kids managed to nap at their usual hours. And mama had chance to settle some housechores. 

Sensory play cum snack time
This coordination play was ‘designed’ for Nikki but Noelle wanted to be included. On the other hand, Nikki became defensive as she thought Jeh Jeh was taking over her snack! Nikki then cried because she didn’t want to share. Eventually after showing her few times how we were ‘playing’ and not ‘taking away’ her snack, Nikki accepted it and played together! 

After ‘playing’, we ate the cheerios that were stacked along the sticks. No wastage, for sure! <video>

Dinnertime was rather rush and frustrating – as ‘all’ things (eat, πŸ’©, bath) happened at the same time! πŸ˜“πŸ˜“(Self reminder: I can’t expect everyday is a smooth running day!)

Anyway, today also marks Nikki turning 20th month old! 😁😁😁

Today’s menu is totally out of the plan as I wanted to leave the easier menus next week when hubby goes to work!

So I cooked one pot chicken and veggie curry for lunch and dinner. I used instant curry paste for simplicity.

I used our butterfly blue pea flowers to make evco rice! 

We had stir fry bok choy with red pepper and mushroom and fried eggs for lunch while I blanched spinach in soup for dinner.

Breakfast was egg mayo in homemade wrap with fruits!

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