Happy kids 👉🏻happy mama👉🏻happy baby (and happy papa)

No secret + not hiding – and guess not surprising to some 🙄🙄 (some may be shaking head though 🤦🏻‍♀️😝) – we went out to chill ourselves at Citta Chill Out Weekend, where they have a very mini Farm in The City (just comprised of rabbits, roasters, hamsters, turkeys and llama). The activity was free. They were having promotion on visits to their farms – 50% off, and we did purchase them – which is valid till Jan next year! 

Noelle was very happy seeing and feeding the rabbits; still on the ‘nervous’ side of holding them (I actually told her that if she is nervous of holding them, please don’t- as I don’t want to see her ‘throwing’ the rabbit down because it will hurt the rabbits; after giving a thought, she gave way of carrying them). 

Nikki was afraid initially – but as Noelle encouraged her by giving rabbit feeds, Nikki started to be braver! I didn’t timed how long we were there – but they had a great time there despite just a small area and few species.

Video <here> 

We had to pursuit Noelle to go by bringing them to McDonald’s playground. I finally ‘rewarded’ myself with a good cup of premium roasted coffee; though it was just McDonald’s coffee – it was the best coffee is 2017 (for now)! I want to thank THE one who reminded me to reward myself on one pleasant morning earlier in the week! 😉 And so far, two ‘nennentator’ still taking their naps (no coffee effect yet 🙄😂). 

And finally we went to supermarket before returning home! 

While we try to adjust ourselves with baby Norrah, it is also time for baby Norrah to adjust to certain of our schedules. Well, she did ‘well’ by sleeping through in the carrier.

Meals today!

My breakfast: Tuna and cheese toast & pressure cooker red and green beans & fruits
Our lunch:

Leftover braised yam and chicken (not in pic)

Fried lobak (homemade by Nicole Ann Ng)

Stir fry broccoli with pork 

Peanut and lotus root soup

Kids had seaweed noodles
Our dinner:

Steamed chicken in vegetables and brands chicken essence 

Stir fry sawi with enoki mushroom and cherry tomatoes 

Pork nuggetto

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