A visit from Klinik Komuniti’s nurses

Today’s story – nurses from Klinik Komuniti Kelana Jaya came over to our house! 
Rewind back – we actually wanted to get the free immunization for Norrah from the government clinic. This is actually our first experience since the other two kids were given immunization in private clinics/hospital! 

After enquiring around mummies group, we found out that we need to inform the clinic once baby is born.

And yesterday, while we were on our way to Heromart, we decided to stop by at the Klinik Komuniti Kelana Jaya to inform the nurses – instead of ringing them up. Due to lack of packing, I actually walked down and went into the clinic while others waited in the car. When I told the nurse that I wanted to inform about a baby’s birth, the nurse asked who am I informing on behalf! 🙄🙄 Then I told the nurse ‘myself!’ 🤣 The nurse went 😱 and sort of didn’t believe I just delivered. Cut the story short, I gave them the required information. I didn’t bring anything along-but just verbal information and showed them my mykad! They just required information such as the date and place of birth, baby’s weight and contact information. The nurse just wrote those information on a piece of paper. They couldn’t give me a time on when they will come over to see the baby – but says that they will ring us up before coming! 

Surprisingly, this morning when we were settling the two other kids, we were given a ‘surprise’ visit by two government nurses! We just need to show them the baby’s immunization book. One nurse gave a check on me – blood pressure and also my c-sec area! Another nurse checked on Norrah – they were abit concern about Norrah looking yellowish! 🙄 We were given a date for the one month’s immunization! We then bid goodbye to the two friendly nurses, who have clear identification tags on them! 
Other than this, nothing much interesting – except the two kids went out with papa to buy rice grains in the morning (with papa coming home looking 😒😒😒)😂😂😂! Papa also brought them to the playground in the evening before dinner! 

Norrah has been her usual good self!

Our quiet time today

In the year, we actually skipped ‘academic’ activities – as we emphasize on play plus the girl who approaches 5 year old by end of the year has least interest in them (at that point of introduction). With ‘limited’ movement now, I reintroduced these activities – counting, connecting dots,etc – and surprisingly, she is showing more interest in them plus I could actually see how much she has improved on her understanding of these ‘lessons’!

I am having my ‘best’ makan time of the year. Food hasn’t been good in the past 8 months plus! Now, everything tastes ‘heaven’! 🤣 Most importantly, I don’t puke anymore! 
Meals today:

Breakfast – toast butter bread, gold kiwi, milo and black bean drink
My lunch and our dinner:

Steamed pork ribs with carrot, red dates and wolfberries

Stir fry French beans and zucchini

Air fried honey chicken wings (for the kids’ dinner)

Best root chicken soup (not in pic)

Kids’ lunch: spinach noodles in beet root chicken soup

Teatime: Banana waffles (tested some food colouring on waffles for the kids)

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