Confinement meals day 3

Today’s agenda was bringing Norrah for jaundice assessment. She was at the borderline jaundice level – so she doesn’t require any ‘treatment’! Moreover, today she is Day 6 old; and jaundice usually peaks at day 7! 

We stopped by Heromart to get some veggies! 😝 And came home for lunch. All these took almost ‘half a day’; so we settled with some colouring work before taking our precious nap! ✌🏻Nailed it again when three (or all) napped at one go! 

I had a little ‘me time’ when hubby brought the elder two to swim – so decided to bake kuih bahalu (rather than just sit around) when Norrah was still sleeping. We managed to settle for dinner and had almost everything done before Norrah woke (or rather I woke her up) for a change and nursing! 

*Recipe for kuih bahalu 

Mix 3 eggs with 70g sugar until stiff. Add in 110g cake flour and mix. Pour into paper cup and bake under preheated oven of 180 degree celcius for 20 minutes.

Hubby was asking if I was having ‘confinement’ or ‘holiday’! 🀣😝 But I think I shall ‘enjoy’ this moment when things are still under control (when Norrah is still in her sleep and ‘easy’ mode)! 😁😊

Today’s meals 😁😁
My breakfast:

Toast buns


Milo oats
My lunch and our dinner:

Stir fry long beans with carrot and red cabbage 

Stir fry chicken fillet with ear woods and mushroom 

Steamed chicken thigh with mushroom and zucchini (for the girls)

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