Planning for confinement meals

I have our meals planned (partly prepared) till end of the month! So, I am basically ticking them off the list as the days come; improvising the meals as time permits! (The plan can be repeated when it ends!)
Life without a confinement lady doesn’t mean the food served is of ‘low’ quality. I don’t follow ‘confinement’ styled per say (because I don’t confine myself 😝). What I stressed on is healthy and balanced meals! 

My breakfast: Extra virgin coconut oil oats with banana
My lunch and everyone’s dinner:

Stew honey chicken with lemon grass and chicken 

Stir fry tai bok choy, red cabbage and ear woods 

Pressure cooker chicken and shallot soup (thanks Vennzi Foo for the suggestion on this soup to help release wind from the body) 

Kids’ lunch – salmon and mushroom soup tri colour pasta

21.08.17 – nothing much today! Just spent much time with Noelle doing activities (cut, fold and describe, colour pencil colouring and painting) when Nikki and hubby went to NRD almost half a day! 

Baby Norrah has been a good baby so far; and getting them nap at the same time is an achievement for us (not too sure yet how when hubby goes to work🙄🙄!) 😂

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