Day 1 confinement at home

Our laid back day at home
Today we rested at home – everyone is tired after the three days ordeal! In fact, both the elder girls woke up close to 10am today! Everyone had a goodnight sleep – especially Nikki, at least she didn’t cry during midnight! 
I managed to prepare our meals today, ate a quiet breakfast and clean myself up before getting more sleep! I had few more naps in between! 

Baby Norrah is adapting well too! *cross fingers* Not many would agree, but by me hugging her to sleep (just like I did with Nikki), both of us get much needed rest – we sort of sleep through the night – just wakes to change nursing side and diaper change! During the day, she is still ok to be on the bed cot alone – sleeping with us only during naptime! 

This time around I don’t have to hand express during engorgement – thanks to Nikki, my moving and obedient ‘pump’! She is back to nursing – we even started tandem nursing! But that also means she is back to becoming an ‘addict’, showing me her tongue each time she sees my boobies! πŸ™„πŸ˜“

Today’s meals still presentable! πŸ˜‚

Breakfast: Bread with cheese omelette 
Lunch and dinner: 

1. Bok choy with ear woods

2. Mui choy pork

3. Papaya chicken soup 

4. Basmathi rice 
Drink: red dates 
All prepared by my humble self 😁😁

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