We welcomed N3 recently! 

Began the day rather early today – everyone is excited! 
We waited longer than expected as the Gynae has emergency csec before mine. We gratefully welcomed baby Norrah (haha…the name was my choice at the end) without complication (as in no other organs were hurt in the process). But there was skin adhension, just like during Nikki and so it took longer than normal cases! 

The day for me – at first frustrated as there weren’t rooms available, then I was tired of ‘waiting’ alone in the delivery suite (where they parked me temporarily) as kids couldn’t enter (they were in the lounge with my hubby and mum), impatiently waiting outside and in the operation theater; and now ‘bearing’ the pain from the surgery! 

Hope all is well tomorrow and moving forward! 

I am glad my two girls are in good hands now!

18.08.17 – A tiring and starving day 
I was still having insomnia last night (partly due to pain and also all night round latching) – so I was quite tired almost whole day. 

Also, I am starving; I haven’t taken any solid for more than 36 hours now – because I am still waiting for the crucial ‘fart’ to ensure my intestines is ‘in order’! I am just on clear liquid – mainly plain water and red dates water. 
I missed my two girls at home too especially Nikki who was looking for mama and cranky because of her poop! 

Hopefully today is the last night here! 
To my dear ‘fart’, please 🙏🏻 come out soon! 🙄😝

19.08.17: Welcome home baby Norrah😘

The ‘fart’ came and we were permitted to go home! But it was another day of waiting – wait for the Gynae and bill! 😪😪
Anyway, everything is well now. Hope to get back into our routine soon with the new addition.

One thought on “We welcomed N3 recently! 

  1. Congratulations Celine! I’m a big fan of yours! Really admire your motherhood journey which helping me now being first time mum. I know you from the home cook meals group then I followed your blogs. Congratulations again and take care

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