Have faith in what you taught your kids

On the ‘waiting’ day, Noelle and poh poh were playing playdoh. Poh poh suggested that they make ‘donuts’ as pretend play. Noelle: ‘This is bad for health!’*
And during the wait, poh poh brought Noelle to 7-Eleven. Poh poh offered to buy Noelle stuff including ice cream. She rejected all of them and told poh poh she needs to ask mama’s permission first. True enough, yesterday after asking mama’s permission, she went down to 7-eleven again with poh poh to get her rainbow 🌈 paddle pop!*
^^this is also a measure that she doesn’t accept anything from ‘strangers’ – I was telling her how the ice cream van suck up the minions when the minions greedily took the free ice creams 🀣 (in the cartoon)
Also when she eats something like her paddle pop ice cream which Nikki is not allowed, she keeps reminding poh poh that Mei Mei cannot eat it! 
😁😁😁😁😁😁😁very proud of this big Jeh Jeh who can look after Mei Mei! 
After getting her Fluttershy pony, she told hubby ‘enough of ponies already, no need buy ponies already!’ – because Fluttershy is the ultimate pony that she has been wanting. She is definitely not a greedy kid!😊😊
And mama definitely cannot forget her excitement shown when she opened and found that the exchange gift was Fluttershy! No regrets for getting her that! 
* partly told by my mum to me

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