Pizza and fries party at home 

Pizza 🍕 and 

fries 🍟 ‘party’ at home today 🤣
Unhealthy food made healthy by making from scratch (e.g. healthified’ bad for health food 🤣)
*** 🙄🙄read a book that it is ‘not a good idea’ to do so…but I have to satisfy my own crave 🤣 At the end, everyone is happy because besides getting them involved, we had a sort of ‘free and easy’ lunch! I let them wander around during lunch!

Dough – bread flour, water, instant yeast, molasses sugar, unsalted butter, sea salt

Cabonara sauce – unsalted butter, flour, fresh milk, whipped cream, water, cheese, shimeji mushroom 

Other toppings – tomato, shredded cheeee

Video of putting the toppings <here>

Bake under 230 degree celcius for 20 minutes! 

I also made fries from scratch – 🥔 potato, rice flour and corn flour – deep fry 🤣 Noelle was particularly excited and asks ‘like McDonald?’ because she never tried them before and get to taste ‘French fries’ today (though she had yam fries and sweet potato fries of late).

Happy kids! 

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