Ending third pregnancy soon! 

Creating memories again…
It was a hot day ☀️ but by the time we waited for Nikki to wake from nap and get over her crankiness – it turns cloudy. ⛅️ Noelle has been bugging to swim since after lunch – and I have to fulfill it before she ‘whines’ the whole evening. (In fact, when Nikki woke and looked for me, Noelle volunteered to off the air cond – indicating that Nikki should wake now!) So we went to swim – albeit not long – it started drizzling on our second lap; and heavy drops of rain ☔️ by third lap. That didn’t matter but it created more ‘fun’ – Noelle was happy that it was raining, because she gets to run back in rain! Everyone enjoyed, at the end! 😁😁
Time spent with both of them will definitely reduced in weeks/ months to come! With most things sorted out, I am definitely spending more time with them, especially this week. 
The setback is I am feeling more and more lethargic and the ongoing morning sickness is making it worse. 
Began the morning today with a baddddd vomit despite eating the same kind of breakfast – one of the worst as it was bitter. And usually I am ok in the morning! 😔Thought everything was fine after that (and happily completed the task of renewing license and getting some groceries) but I was feeling extra lethargic after lunch. Gratefully Noelle said she is tired and wanted to nap at just 1pm! I knew she didn’t nap until 2pm (because I saw her walking in and out of the toilet) but I dozed off for 2 hours (I blame the new bed that provides more comfort sleeping 🤣)! 
Despite feeling hungry and thirsty, I can’t really take in anything – just make me feel more sick especially if it isn’t the right food/drink! If I had a choice, I also wish to eat ‘not so good for health’ food! Crave to cook but not crave to eat! 
Just need to endure this for couple more of days/weeks, I guess! 😫😫 
I can’t wait for my best food and best drink in 2017!
P/s: This is the only post I decided to ‘whine’ about my third pregnancy but it has nothing to say that I am ‘regretting’/seeking ‘sympathy’! And I definitely ‘hate’ getting pity like ‘poor thing’🙄🙄! Though I have been very ‘normal’, only the ‘closest’ know what I have been going through! ‘Enduring’ is the key! Life goes on….

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