In the spirit of not giving up 

Today I spent almost the whole day fixing this shoe rack (intended to put their toys)! Also today is my ‘rest’ day, having spent the past few days cleaning around the home.

This is really the most lousy cheapo stuff from Lazada ever! 😒😪🙄🤦🏻‍♀️. It has been an ‘annoyance’ since the day it arrived! 🤣 I think we were ‘better off’ using the recyclable boxes as storage boxes!
I could give up easily and hubby even said that we can get a better, new one! BUT, if I do so (not because of ‘maruah) it is more like telling my kids I am giving up easily! 🙄🙄🙄 
There’s a ‘price’ for not giving up easily! 🤣 time wastage and frustration, of course! 
They know I am annoyed by the rack. When I found that the rack came out again this morning, Noelle ‘cleverly’ pointed it to Nikki – indicating Nikki’s fault! 🙄🙄 Then when I was fixing it, Noelle requested to watch YouTube, which I rejected. Instead of ‘whining’, she obediently just played with her toys (because she knows she will get m16 from me if she does whine)! When she played with some of her jingsaw puzzles; she was annoyed that she can’t fix it and asked me for help – I looked at her and asked ‘how about me? 😒😒 who is helping me with this?’ That completely shut her! 🤐🤐🤣🤣 Nikki who was rampaging around the toys, also made u-turns seeing my frustrated face! And it was finally done before lunch! 
But not long after lunch, Nikki touched it and it came down again! 🤦🏻‍♀️😫😤😡😒 I was ‘mad’ but Nikki ‘calmed’ me down by taking out her palm – to ask me punish (whack) her hand! Her pure innocence just cracked me out! 🤣
Ding dong here and there – I finally managed to fix it when they were napping! I even hammered it and cellaphone taped it! It is stable for now; hopefully it will stay – or else, we are really get a new one! 

It is simple to give up in the beginning – at least not much effort put in. It is more difficult to give up midway- for the effort put in. And the most difficult to give up towards the end. But the end result when it came out right – it is a really a sweet satisfaction! 
So, will you ‘give up’ for less than RM20 item? 🤣

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