PJ Festival by Sunway Serene

We actually saw the PJ Festival event banner along the roads and then its facebook marketing event two weeks back; so we decided to make a rsvp. 

Before we could rsvp for the Saturday’s (29 July), it has been already been filled up! So, we got into the Sunday spot.

It was totally free with many activities suitable for kids to adults – bouncy castle with giant slide, pottery, releasing fire lanterns to the revamped lake, terrarium workshop and few other games. 

Each rsvp could bring an adult with kids. In the welcome bag, we were also given two coupons each for free popcorns, ice creams and fun rolls!

We had a good two hours there! 

The ‘funfair’ (as termed by this 4y7m2d) gave her a memorable night! From the point we left the PJ festival to getting home, going to bed, waking up, having breakfast and lunch – she has been talking about it! 

We are ‘happy’ that we could create memories for her through simple, spontaneous fun! It was a free event and few roads away from our place! Sometimes it is about doing something out of routine! 

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