Real bubee silicone breast milk pump/collector

I never really pumped during Nikki’s. Medela freestyle was left redundant (I will check if it is working tomorrow and charge it, just for emergency use). For Nikki, our breastfeeding journey preparation include Medela breast milk collector (which is currently still in good condition and well kept, after I was using it for 1-2 months), we bought some breastmilk bags (which aren’t used at all) and a mummy (who is now gifted with a baby boy 😊) did gave me reuseable some breast milk bottles! We even have a preloved Phillips sterilizer – not used!

All in all, everything is in order for our next breastfeeding journey. 

So this round we just get this Real Bubee Silicone breast milk pump/collector – sort of a manual pump, which I foresee will be handy when breast gets engorged on the first three days! This isn’t a very expensive investment – just RM35 a set of 2 that comes with lids! 
✌🏻Looking forward or rather I am ready for the next breastfeeding journey! 😁😁😁 
*fingers crossed – hope it will be as easy as Nikki’s (actually Noelle’s was quite smooth, only that she had colic and an excessive need to suckle 😅)

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