I am just a stay at home mum (sahm) with no income and limited savings. I don’t need to impress others and people won’t benefit anything from being my ‘followers’. This would also mean that friends I made come with no motive! 
True friendship is limited but I can assure you that there are great people out there (unrelated to us) who give a helping hand/ advice without expecting anything in return! Sincerely thank these people for being here for us! 
We have met fabulous people in my 3.5 years journey as sahm! 

Sending positive vibes to all mummies, be it sahm or full time working mums!

I am on facebook to keep myself relevant. It can be quite lonely just being around the kids. I gave myself chance to make more friends (and yes i have growing number of friends compared to when I was working). i post updates to keep memories (and somehow it inspired some of you indirectly – sorry to say, it was never meant to be an inspiration😛 and on the other hand, i know it did somehow create some sense of competition – hence the “grimblings” or green eyes monsters). 
But in the midst of all these, I am busy juggling with two kids (their activities, daily routines, etc), currently also in the stage of preparing for the new baby and i’m still battling morning sickness at night. All these – without any help (especially if my hubby has to come home late from work or has business dinners). And yet some still think I have time and leisure to gossip about them or coerce them to think/do alike (is like ‘for what’ – can it lighten my daily burden?). If you ever feel that, so ‘sorry’ about that – i have no time/energy to put up a battle. And a kind reminder that there is always the “unfriend” and “block” button if you think I am ‘stalking’ on you.
Never let negative people suck up your power! – Nicole Lee

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