Play date with Heidi

Last week mama Rachel told me that she wanted to send me some ‘gifts’ on Monday. Since Heidi is off from school today, I invited them for an impromptu play date cum (simple) lunch too! I told Noelle about Heidi – new ‘girl’ friend and she was excited about it (the night before). She even reminded me to wake her up early the next day!

We ended up a fairly gentle play without (I don’t think there was any) fight – just gentle reminders to take turn and share. It was just Nikki who was messing around them! 🤣 
After their lunch, Noelle wanted ice cream and so they queued up for it while I scoop it out. Noelle wanted to be the second recipient (after Nikki) but then I reminded her to give way to her ‘guest’ (Heidi) – and to much surprise, she actually gave it! 😊

This is our first meet up though we have been facebook friends for 3 years or so. Not that we speak to each other often, but we do follow each other’s facebook closely – so we are no strangers between us (the mummies). The meet up also allowed us to know each other more!

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