‘Cheap’ good doesn’t mean ‘no/poor’ quality

Our RM20 dinner for 4!

I bought this pomfret for less than RM9 at Hero supermarket (it was going out at 50% to clear stock). It still does look fresh and doesn’t have fishy smell! And so, I cooked it tonight! With the oil, onion, ginger and dash of liquid aminos (or soy sauce replacement), the fish dish could be RM9.50 in total. 

I also bought this chicken thigh for about RM3.50. With some red dates, Angelica root, barley, wolfeberries and dash of sesame oil, the steamed chicken could be around RM4.

The long beans dish inspired by my dearest friend Apple Siew this week – and I was happy to find this homemade preserved radish in the market this morning – with tofu and some peanuts, it could probably be RM4.50.
Basmati rice and some leftover beetroot soup (not in pic) could cost RM2! 
So, total comes to RM20 (approximately)! 
I have not done such calculation for some time (reminiscing those days when I used to do so). 
Why do I calculate today? I want to remind ‘some people’ that ‘cheap’ things can be of quality (for example: homecooked meals) too! 
Yes, I do buy ‘cheap’ goods (be it food or books or clothes) – but I actually look for bargain buys and this does not mean no quality. 
And having money does not buy you ‘class’ if one has the attitude of putting down others, intentionally or not! (Sadly, many a times these people come distinguished themselves as ‘family’). To people born with the silver spoon in their mouth, just a reminder that others who have worked hard for a living and spending frugally have more pride in life than you. 
Sorry panjang lebar- I shall rest my case to have a peaceful evening with my family! ☺️☺️

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