Not going school yet?

Many times when people find Noelle still not in kindy yet, one of the main concern is whether she will catch up when she gets to primary one. Then the issue will be how stressful could it be for her at that young age! ‘She needs to catch up!’ There was even once a read comments from an education fb on how the kid ‘fell’ into depression because s/he wasn’t coping well after being at home for years (Yala…word from mouth 🙄🙄 – you will figure out how reliable the info is)!
But if one ever think about it, if a 7-year old can’t find themselves coping with stress at that point (we as parents will need to guide and coach her, for sure), how would she cope with stress in life in the later years! 
**Anyway, Noelle has less than six months more before she enters kindy! The purpose is for her to adapt to life being in school before transitioning to primary school. At the current point, she goes to music class once a week – and she can still find excitement in it on a weekly basis! Not sure about next year! 😂
**People used to ‘argue’ with me on her being social and independent! Now that we see it – Noelle definitely has no issue with it! And I get a lot of feedback that she does show a lot of mannerism! ☺️☺️☺️

**I am not here to prove anything – but to assure you that we as parents will make whatever choice/decision that suit our kids! After all, we know what’s best for our own kids! For the time being, Nikki will definitely follow the same route as Noelle!

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