Toddler friendly fish cutlet

This is my fish time making fish cutlet. I was thinking how to ensure that the fish in the cutlet would be entirely cooked once pan fried. So I thought of air frying the fish first. I used Atlantic mackerel or ikan tenggiri or ma yau yue for this – just one piece. I marinated the fish before air frying and then removed its flesh for the cutlet. The ingredients are as follow:

One piece Atlantic mackerel marinated with some turmeric powder, fish curry powder, rice flour and corn flour – then air fried at 180 degree celcius for 10 minutes (alternately you can pan fry it too)

One potato, steamed and mashed

Half carrot, shredded 

One onion, chopped 

One egg

One tbsp corn flour

One tbsp rice flour

Dash of pepper

Mix everything and roll into ball, flatten and coat with (another) egg. Shallow pan fry. 

17m23d enjoys eating it <video

Hakka pandan hee pan (no starter dough)

After discovering that N2 loves this from the kuih stall, I started to find out the name of this kuih – from my friend: kikaku or hee pan! She did give me a link to make it but I can’t search it after our long chat. So I google it and most Hee pan’s recipe requires starter dough. Then recently in Daily Homecook Meal facebook page there were many members making this; therefore I search for their recipe there – yes, no starter dough required! Since I can’t find a pandan flavour recipe, I modified from theirs !

Ingredients used:

200ml pandan extract

110g glutinous rice flour (approximately)

170g all purpose flour (approximately)

1 tsp instant yeast

50g caster sugar

1 tbsp (sunflower seed) oil

I put into the bread maker, under ‘dough’ mode for 20 minutes!

Then scoop up 50g of the dough and cover hand with oil to avoid stickiness, form a ball and press into a cupcake paper.

I had about 12 pieces from the ingredients amounts.

Let it rest about 45 minutes. 

Steam them under high heat for 13-15 minutes. Once done, let the steam release for 5 minutes (my steamer has a little opening; or else you need to open the cover slightly). Then remove it to cool down!

My 17m22d enjoyed eating them! <video>

She had 5 pieces at one go! 😂

Happiness within yourself

You may continue enjoy “glory” from the “show” you put on. But deep down, you may ask yourself if you are TRULY happy when the show is over or do you feel empty and longing for the next show. If it is former, you meet the end of the goal. 
But most likely you may be in the latter situation – and you may consider ‘restrategise’ – don’t make “others” as your tools of happiness or puppets. Stop putting on the show on how “pitiful” you are. Don’t rely others for “happiness” or “pride”. 
Everything begin in yourself. There is where your focus be. Do things that you are happy rather than obligated to. If you feel obligated, there may not be where you belong to. If you need to make people feel obligated, consider their sincerity.
You are in charge of your life. At the end of the day, the goal is to have a peace of mind while you continue to go on with life.
Disclaimer: you = me = anyone; don’t be too “sensitive” that this is about you. And this is merely my thoughts and not up to debate (because I know I am NOT perfect!)

Parents’ observation day at music school

Today we were invited for parents observation during Noelle’s music class. Noelle has been attending this once weekly class since March 2017. Compared to my first time attending with her, she has shown major improvements (in less than 4 months) – her listening skill, taking instruction, following sequence, focus and etc. Most importantly, we are seeing a really happy and independent girl in the class! We were proud parents for the mere less than 10 minutes today!

Video <here>

The teacher did a good job in explaining to us what the kids were doing in the class. She also explained that every kid progress at different pace and assure parents that we don’t have to worry about their progression.

Sweet Cherry Warehouse Sale 15-18 July 2017

This is our first time surveying and going to Sweet Cherry Warehouse sale; as we are looking for a lightweight stroller that can fit at least one of the two kids! The warehouse is located at their factory or headquarter somewhere in Seri Kembangan (just followed waze to get there).

This is a rather small warehouse sale compared to My Dear warehouse sale. There were limited baby clothes and more on bulky purchases like baby cots, bath tub and strollers. Most customers were there looking for strollers, which indeed going much more cheaper compared to their normal retail price (also online sites – we did a survey on Lazada to make price comparison).

We finally got this stroller! Besides the lower price, with Public Bank credit card we get an additional 5% off.

They also provide the service of fixing up the strollers for the purchases. 

And finally one mission completed ✅ 

It actually fits up to 15kg (though Noelle now weighs 15.7kg). 

Steamed pork rib with carrot, red dates and wolfberries 


Pork ribs (about half kg), coated with tapioca starch and pepper 

Carrot, diced

Red dates


Ginger, sliced finely

Dashes of liquid aminos

One tbsp sesame oil

Marinated it for an hour in the fridge. Steamed for 50 minutes under high heat. It came out tender! 

My first time cooking pork rib actually with the intention of letting Nikki try the different parts of pork – but she didn’t want to try it! 😴😴😴 Guess she prefers trotter! 🙄🙄 
Fortunately Noelle eats some of it!

Easy recipe to keep for confinement! 

Squeeze Me Baby

We were given these samples by a friend. The gift was actually wrapped up in a box with free tokens to fill the Squeeze Me Baby bags. The fillers are actually fresh fruits puree.

We went to their One Utama outlet and had it filled. Before we fill it, the babies were allowed to try the different flavours that they have. They do give recommendation based on age. Each pack, if I am not mistaken, cost about RM10-11.

At that point, N2 showed no interest at all but N1 was actually enjoying the sampling. But once trying at home, N2 seems to hook on it! 

Personally, I think this is convenient especially those who intend to shop in One Utama but forgotten to pack snack for the little ones. But pricing wise, I do think it is kind of on the high side – since they essentially use a little fresh fruits to make the amount packed/filled. I think a lot of cost is put into packaging and its environment.

**If I have forgotten my snack and the kids need a quick fruit (puree/snack), I think I could get it cheaper at MBG – though it does not come with the Squeeze Me bag, my kids could handle straws perfectly! 

The shop is baby friendly as in it is equipped with a play area and there are baby chairs for the babies to finish up the Squeeze Me Baby!

Note: This is NOT a paid advertisement. We just got gift samples!