Saying ‘no’ to your child

Great excerpt from the book I read during our Raya break:
“The child who always cries ‘I want’ and gets it rarely feels he has enough.”

Book title: Why it’s important for you and your child saying no

Author: Asha Phillips 

Like most other parents, we do come to wit ends of kids’ unrealistic/unlimited wants – especially the one who is approaching 5 this year. ‘Giving in’ to her screams and cries is definitely ‘easier’ compared to swallowing the embarrassment she caused us especially in front of outsiders – but what would she/they learn from this? Bullying, exactly – how the author has put it! 
Sometimes we have to just be firm with our decisions, don’t bother what others think (not in a position to win best popularity parents), saying ‘no’ when necessary, figuring other choices (make them think) and most importantly, be kind to ourselves! 
Remember that the way we raise our kids will have an impact on how they participate in the society in the future! 
Note: Parent your way and I am not commenting about anyone. It is just my views.

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