Our Raya 2017 play date with EZ

It was a last minute plan. We initially wanted to bring them to the nearby playground but we switched to our condo playground – since it rained heavily last night and the playground is likely to be very wet. Noelle was excited to show EZ her new bubble stick so we have to stick to an outdoor activity. There were many running, swinging, seesawing, bicycling, chasing after one another, screaming (Noelle and Nikki) and of course laughter in the playground! I think it was the longest ever time spent in our condo playground.

We went back to have our yee mee soup and salad for lunch before proceeding to swimming. They swam and played water for almost an hour. 

Video of them playing in the pool <here>

After shower and dressing up, the kids had banana milk kefir Popsicle before EZ and his mama made a move – the kids started to show sign of crankiness and craziness! 🙄

As they grow, Noelle especially showed less aggressiveness – towards EZ; also because EZ knows Noelle’s character well that he would just rather give in to Noelle than fight! 😅 Today there was only a short scene whereby Noelle ‘loses’ in the swim race – she wanted to ‘hit’ EZ but he ran away. Then Noelle wanted to play again but EZ just didn’t bother her. I asked her to apologize if she wants him to play with her. And she did – by getting nearer to him. Thereafter, they played like usual! 
This would be most likely our last playdate (indefinitely for now) – really tiring to care for/chase after the two while preggie now; thankfully that papa was at home today to take control ! 🤣 But it also meant there was more ‘drama’ during play date. And I guess EZ and the mama had a great time watching our family ‘drama’! 😅

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