2d1n at Cameron Highlands

This would be most likely be our final home away trip as family of 4 (or maybe for year 2017?). We have not much plans for the trip but just stop and eat wherever and whatever we find – since it was the peak holiday season. 
Things turn out quite smoothly – Our first stop was Bidor – for lunch. Then,we stopped at the waterfall and Cameron Valley on before checking into hotel. We didn’t manage to eat steamboat for dinner as most restaurants were full – it was a situation of ‘with money also you need to beg for food!’ – so we ended up in a restaurant ordering small cooks – and waited quite long! We went to their new pasar malam spot- before calling it a day. 

On the second day, we checked out early (we had our breakfast in the room – we brought our bread and fruits, fortunately!). We then proceed to the Kea Farm market to get some veggies. I got a mint plant there too. Our next stop was Boh tea estate where we climbed up and down the slope, watch the scenery, drank some tea and ate cake. And our last stop at Cameron was Lavendar Garden; they have improved much compared to the last we came – more attraction to take photo; so we ended up quite long being there. We drove passed Ipoh so we had its famous chicken rice before our long drive back home! 

It was a short and memorable trip with the girls behaving quite ‘ok’ – both want to stick to papa and prefer taking photos with him rather than me. 😒 It was tiring – in the sense – we were on the road for most of the time; but it also meant all of us ‘slept through the nights’ without insomnia (especially me – so I did had a good rest after all)!

And yeah, we drove our new car for this long journey. So it was much spacious, which allow me to bring and buy more stuff 😝 and we can even change Nikki in the bonnet now!
For record purpose: We stayed at Iris Hotel, which was only fairly good. I had a rather sensitive nose so I felt it was kind of dusty as I sneezed whenever I gets into the room. Like most accommodation in Cameron Highlands, they don’t have air cond or fan. Despite that, Noelle treated it like a ‘palace’ – which tells how little it needs to satisfy her. She enjoys showering herself at the glass door shower!

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