Toddler friendly fish cutlet

This is my fish time making fish cutlet. I was thinking how to ensure that the fish in the cutlet would be entirely cooked once pan fried. So I thought of air frying the fish first. I used Atlantic mackerel or ikan tenggiri or ma yau yue for this – just one piece. I marinated the fish before air frying and then removed its flesh for the cutlet. The ingredients are as follow:

One piece Atlantic mackerel marinated with some turmeric powder, fish curry powder, rice flour and corn flour – then air fried at 180 degree celcius for 10 minutes (alternately you can pan fry it too)

One potato, steamed and mashed

Half carrot, shredded 

One onion, chopped 

One egg

One tbsp corn flour

One tbsp rice flour

Dash of pepper

Mix everything and roll into ball, flatten and coat with (another) egg. Shallow pan fry. 

17m23d enjoys eating it <video

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