Hakka pandan hee pan (no starter dough)

After discovering that N2 loves this from the kuih stall, I started to find out the name of this kuih – from my friend: kikaku or hee pan! She did give me a link to make it but I can’t search it after our long chat. So I google it and most Hee pan’s recipe requires starter dough. Then recently in Daily Homecook Meal facebook page there were many members making this; therefore I search for their recipe there – yes, no starter dough required! Since I can’t find a pandan flavour recipe, I modified from theirs !

Ingredients used:

200ml pandan extract

110g glutinous rice flour (approximately)

170g all purpose flour (approximately)

1 tsp instant yeast

50g caster sugar

1 tbsp (sunflower seed) oil

I put into the bread maker, under ‘dough’ mode for 20 minutes!

Then scoop up 50g of the dough and cover hand with oil to avoid stickiness, form a ball and press into a cupcake paper.

I had about 12 pieces from the ingredients amounts.

Let it rest about 45 minutes. 

Steam them under high heat for 13-15 minutes. Once done, let the steam release for 5 minutes (my steamer has a little opening; or else you need to open the cover slightly). Then remove it to cool down!

My 17m22d enjoyed eating them! <video>

She had 5 pieces at one go! 😂

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