Happiness within yourself

You may continue enjoy “glory” from the “show” you put on. But deep down, you may ask yourself if you are TRULY happy when the show is over or do you feel empty and longing for the next show. If it is former, you meet the end of the goal. 
But most likely you may be in the latter situation – and you may consider ‘restrategise’ – don’t make “others” as your tools of happiness or puppets. Stop putting on the show on how “pitiful” you are. Don’t rely others for “happiness” or “pride”. 
Everything begin in yourself. There is where your focus be. Do things that you are happy rather than obligated to. If you feel obligated, there may not be where you belong to. If you need to make people feel obligated, consider their sincerity.
You are in charge of your life. At the end of the day, the goal is to have a peace of mind while you continue to go on with life.
Disclaimer: you = me = anyone; don’t be too “sensitive” that this is about you. And this is merely my thoughts and not up to debate (because I know I am NOT perfect!)

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