Sweet Cherry Warehouse Sale 15-18 July 2017

This is our first time surveying and going to Sweet Cherry Warehouse sale; as we are looking for a lightweight stroller that can fit at least one of the two kids! The warehouse is located at their factory or headquarter somewhere in Seri Kembangan (just followed waze to get there).

This is a rather small warehouse sale compared to My Dear warehouse sale. There were limited baby clothes and more on bulky purchases like baby cots, bath tub and strollers. Most customers were there looking for strollers, which indeed going much more cheaper compared to their normal retail price (also online sites – we did a survey on Lazada to make price comparison).

We finally got this stroller! Besides the lower price, with Public Bank credit card we get an additional 5% off.

They also provide the service of fixing up the strollers for the purchases. 

And finally one mission completed ✅ 

It actually fits up to 15kg (though Noelle now weighs 15.7kg). 

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