June 2017 play date with Ethan

School holidays are best time for the girls to have playdates – as most of their friends are on holiday (they still have 24/7 a week holiday everyday though😂). Mama had to say sorry to two mummies for canceling playdates last week and this week – due to deteriorating energy😓! But we went with plan with our playdate with Ethan today.

We had a sort of organised playdate today. We started with feeding the fishes, scootering and bicycling, blowing bubbles and playground fun! 

It followed by a short free play but Noelle was fuming because Ethan brought “boys’ toys” which she wasn’t interested with. 

So, Aunty Nicole Lee has to start her craft session – which actually made them very engrossed in it. I took chance to eat ‘peacefully’ 😅while Nicole ‘managed’ the two kids when Nikki was already hungry! We waited until the kids make their hungry call – so that we didn’t have to chase them eating. They continued with their craft work before calling it a day – as Nikki starting to show signs of tiredness!

Time seems to run so fast when we were enjoying ourselves. Thanks for the food, gifts, time and baby sitting! 😂 And they napped longer today – so I had extended me time to do my stuff!

Short clips of today’s play date <here>

I actually made a peg with Noelle that if she shares and doesn’t fight with Ethan – I will allow her to open up one of her pressies that was in the store room.😅😅 Today, we opened up Aunty Melissa Ho’s (one) pressie each (Noelle and Nikki) given in Dec last year. Thanks Mel!

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