Moist and spongy chocolate cake

What I like about this recipe – it just need to be hand mix (therefore, Noelle can complete the whole process- since she still has phobia with electrical mixer). 

The recipe from the Phillips pressure cooker facebook page:

*i reduced sugar to 100g
And using the pressure cooker, it definitely save (monitoring) time plus the inner cake is definitely well done! I have also learn this time round the role of ‘instant coffee’ in helping a chocolate cake (thanks to the tip from Vanessa Lau). It is a combination of moist and spongy chocolate cake! It goes well with the durian ice cream that my hubby bought last night! 🤣

Well, this cake is to satisfy my crave and to ‘celebrate’ the complete dismiss of the virus at home that has been going on more than two weeks. The kids are now back to normal and I no longer suffer from the flu. It was a ‘tough’ fight for us – getting sick two times in a row! Getting well wasn’t too easy especially during pregnancy – where immune is kind of low! Feeling sick and tired with cranky kids was definitely overwhelming! Glad that it is over! The month of May 2017 is ‘bad’ and thankfully June has arrived!

The process:

Sift the dry ingredients!

Add in wet ingredients and mix!

Pour batter into the inner pot!

Valve on bake and using ‘cake’ mode, start with ‘kpt 55 minutes’.

Remove cake immediately from pressure cooker after the final beep sound! Let it cool for 5 minutes before removing from inner pot!

The glossy part is because of the parchment paper.

Removed the parchment paper!

Deco as you wish! 

Video <here

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