Homemade wraps

I used about 250g bread flour, one cup fresh milk + 100g unsalted butter (heat up about a minute low high in microwave) and pinch of salt. You can hand mix and knead; but I just used my breadmaker knead function. (Add more flour if it is too wet or milk if can’t form dough). I rested the dough for more than an hour (minimum 20 minutes).

Form them into tortilla or wrap shapes.

Dry pan fry it on non stick pan.

Flipping it until both sides are well done!

Let it cool abit!

For the girls, I topped with shredded cheese!

Roll or fold as you wish!

17m1d having her homemade cheesy wrap <here>

For the elder girl

Inspired by: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1582355195131710&id=785609358139635

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