You’re having another baby?

When Noelle was still the only child, we were bugged on when are we going to have our next kid? Then after Nikki came along, just within a month after full moon, one Aunty even questioned that again! 
So, when we are now having our third kid and then announced it, some questioned:

– you two didn’t take prevention ah? 

– how many kids do you two plan to have ah?

– seems like the economy is getting better

– how you two can handle more than two kids? (Then come the ‘I salute you ahhhh!i don’t know how I could handle if I were you.)

– etc

(Some were too ‘shocked’ and started questioning the wrong stuff – ‘so will be born in which year?’ Lmao) 
Some who didn’t know yet I am pregnant and cheekily asked ‘when are you going to have the next kid?’ few months back, my replied was ‘I am pregnant NOW!’ That totally shut them down – and from there we could gauge their ‘sincerity’ in questioning us! They are just pure nosy! 
From all these, I know who are the truly happy ones for us and who aren’t! People who are truly happy will just give us the warmest wishes- without a single question; some will give the greatest support that things will go through as it is.
Anyway, family planning is between the husband and wife (plus immediate kids). We don’t have to explain to anyone! It is our choice and not everyone is blessed with this choice!

Good article to read <here>

One thought on “You’re having another baby?

  1. You are right, too many nosy people out there. I’ve been getting this as well, wherever i go. ‘When are you having 2nd child.’ To the extend a few of them suggested me to go fertility centre 😂
    Best to ignore!

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