Beware of who you trust 

I am certainly more ‘open’ to people since becoming a stay at home mum. (Those days I just trust my hubby and a best ‘guy’ friend 😝 – because guys certainly have less running mouth!) 
As I know more ‘mummies’ and ‘believe’ that they were on the same kind of channels, I think began to trust people a lot more- sharing issues in life, we share jokes and ideas; inspiring one another! I certainly value all these friendship (as real) even though they were virtual relationship- because as a SAHM, I did lose touch with my working friends! 
It was until last year, I began to feel some people were ‘awkward’ towards me, in a way – I do think they are less trustworthy- by the way they speak to me and others (which could be completely different) and because of ‘differences’ in opinion. Some believe that they are superior because of how they think/feel! 

They probably know or may not be aware that I know what was happening- but yeah, I make the steps backward (and I believe there are still some that exist in my list) because these people are really scary and certainly don’t want to be associated with them! Sometimes I couldn’t believe I was naive to have ‘trusted’ some people! 😂 But well, that’s life lessons! 
I am holding tight to the sentence that one of my bestie gave me – we already have a lot of issues in real life, why bother about other issues!
Nevertheless, I still believe that there are people who are trustworthy. I still believe that there are some people who I can call true or best friends (people who are sincere in all if not most ways)! 
Don’t let ‘some’ rotten ‘apples’ 🍎 spoil humanity! 

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