My sad day 

This week isn’t a good week for me. I have one kid falling slightly ill;she recovered in a day fortunately. Then it was second kid falling ill – took 2-3days for her to recover. But the second one is not over with her cranky and clingy moments. Plus the first one isn’t in her best behaviour (I know I shouldn’t expect so much of a kid). Next, it is my turn getting flu. With all these, I just feel so tired and down. 😔😔😔
Then it comes Mother’s Day – I don’t celebrate it (cos i feel this is so commercial just like Valentine’s Day) but the hype is everywhere. Not that I expect celebration (even my hubby jokingly utter that I am not his mother- which is very true), but it bring ill feeling on why most people have a ‘great’ mum or/and mum-in-law behind their backs (especially during their down moments) while I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, they are still alive but I don’t feel they play any role as ‘mother’ (except giving birth) and I admit that I don’t have a good relationship with them (due to our past -which I have moved forward)-that’s why I have been trying my best to do whatever I feel an actual mum should do; but I am getting tired….especially with this ‘season’. 

And with my hubby’s joke – it just pierced into my heart and mind – yah, I am not his mum but in essence, everyday I have been replacing his mum’s job! So? 

All these make me feel that I really HATE Mother’s Day! 😔😔😔😔😔 I have been moody for the past few days and I just wish today pass just as it is.

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