The ‘starvation’ lesson! 

Noelle and I were in ‘cold war’ since this morning – for her saying ‘yucks’ to my banana cake. Not that I cannot accept criticism but it was the feeling of unappreciated (it is a real feeling I had since young – people who seem unappreciated on food and think they are proud foodies who can be choosy while so many others are deprived on even basic food – just get me on nerves.) and she did it on purpose – she was excited when seeing the cake but ‘yucks’ out with just the mention of ‘banana cake’ – it was just the ‘flavour’ that she didn’t like. 😒

I decided to give her a ‘lesson’. I told her I ain’t cooking lunch for her (of course I did, but just set it aside where she can’t see it) and bla bla her on why she should be appreciative of food! She was ignorant initially. Then when she tried speaking to me, I ignored her! I just let her do whatever she wanted except watching YouTube. But she was happily playing by herself even through Nikki’s morning nap. At some points, she did come tell me that she was hungry but I continued to ignore her while i finished up my work.

Finally, after Nikki woke (about 1.45pm), I fed Nikki. It was then Noelle became teary and telling me she was hungry. I asked her what does she do when she hurts others’ feelings and how it feels to be in hunger. She then apologized! Thereafter, she had her lunch and we were almost ‘cool’ over it! 

Video of her today <here>

I don’t think this will be remarkable enough to stop her for being unappreciative – but hopefully it will be a short reminder to her! 😒😒 ok, now let the papa ‘lecture’ her tonight!

She then took a try on the banana cake that she mentioned ‘yucky’ and then said ‘yummy’ instead – though I am not totally sure if this is sincerely yummy! 🤣

And she showed less fuss during dinner!

**yes, she is free to express her views but she needs to learn to be empathetic

One thought on “The ‘starvation’ lesson! 

  1. My girl refuses to eat at times too. Sometimes she stops eating after a few bites, especially breakfast during weekends when I’m not at work. I’m not sure is it because my breastmilk is still filling? Anyway, kudos to you. I wish my mom could do that. She worries that she’ll be hungry and scolded her into eating instead.

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